Introducing HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud:

process and analyze large quantities of data, build software and applications using AI/ML with ease

HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud is a low-code enterprise software platform. It has everything you need to build complex software and applications applying the newest AI/ML trends, in a user-friendly visual environment, with enterprise-grade security and scale.

Enterprise technology leaders have always been forced into a tradeoff. Simple applications can be built with drag and drop tools, but more functionality requires a variety of specialized tooling, and, most importantly, expensive developers. The result is project failures, legacy maintenance, difficulty hiring, and, most importantly, too much time spent simply maintaining the status quo.

Our Solution

HyperAspect doesn’t force you into this tradeoff. Combining the intuitive nature of low-code with the power of a truly enterprise-grade application platform, HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud lets you build complex software and applications, and results in faster time to market, improved quality, and reduced cost that’s just not possible with conventional tools. Some of the benefits include, but not limited to:

    • Build 12X Faster
    • Improve Quality
    • Minimize Errors
    • Reduce Costs
    • Acquire data fast from almost anywhere online
    • Manage and monitor performance with our user friendly dashboards
    • Use enterprise-scale security
    • Scale easier and faster
What Can You Do With a Low-Code Platform?

Low-code platforms can power modern software and applications development practices that incorporate a wide range of systems. Even beyond the efficiency benefits that come with having a single consolidated system, low-code platforms’ visual UI gives more people the ability to build powerful applications and software. The result is less time to market for initial builds, better collaboration across organizations, and lower cost overall.

Build Greenfield Systems

Today, a typical enterprise application takes months, sometimes even years, to build. Low-code platforms dramatically accelerate this process and allow organizations to build applications in just weeks – or, in some cases, days.

Integrate Systems

Pulling or publishing data to external systems is a natural prerequisite for any modern enterprise application. Best-in-class low-code platforms streamline this process by not only supporting modern APIs, but also by supporting legacy systems and paper-based processes. 

Manage and monitor

Building an application and integrating it with external systems is only the first step in the long lifecycle of an enterprise application. The full SDLC life cycle, as well as the process of updating, re-deploying, managing and monitoring applications, can also be supported within a low-code platform.

We didn’t start testing out the HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud with small little pilots or small little projects. We started with billion-dollars premium initiatives that all haven’t been delivered without us getting in the door. The most important thing about HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud is that we’ve successfully built in these enterprise low-code spaces: we are storing customers’ data – securely and reliably, 100% up time since 2019. The HyperAspect Cognitive Cloud will be publicly available in less than a month – on March 1st, 2021 – and as part of our launch campaign we decided to give away $499 of free platform credits to the first one hundred signups.