Our client, venture capital fund, was swamped by funding requests from small to midsize companies around the world. Their vetting and evaluation staff was looking for a better way to organize the investment requests and automate the process of gathering information about those companies. Working with HyperAspect Cloud platform they were able to develop a system that collects all necessary information required for investment evaluation.

⦁ Increase effectiveness of funding requests evaluation
⦁ Gather and evaluate key data on companies that send funding request


All data was collected in a proactive way and automatically populated in a single centralized CRM.
The system feeds the CRM application with data from various submission channels and augments it with data from third party external sources, such as companies’ websites, news outlets, Twitter, CrunchBase and LinkedIn. Once the profile is complete, it is automatically inserted into the CRM system for further manual evaluation.


As a result, our client was able to process an additional 200 company profiles using far more detailed and accurate information. The company not only achieved better effectiveness in processing all of those funding requests, but also increased its portfolio with ten investment success stories that were going to remain buried within the piles of unread or ignored mail.

⦁ 10x faster CRM entries population with the required data from online sources
⦁ 35% improved data quality
⦁ 10 rediscovered promising prospects that were missed due to understaffing

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