Our client is a global leader in real-time KYC and KYB, compliance and anti fraud technology. It was looking to create an all-in-one solution for enterprise-level KYB, KYC, compliance and anti-fraud to empower businesses to grow with confidence.

Enriching data required constant manual upkeep, and the automated data available only provided very basic information. In addition, our client’s method of continuously monitoring and tracking individuals was costly as their provider required scheduled rechecks at full cost.

Therefore, our client was looking to partner with a higher-quality data provider that was easy to integrate, cost-effective, and would allow it’s clients to easily manage fuzzy logic and correctly mark potential matches. The aim was to reduce false positives, thereby also improving results and usability.


HyperAspect ensured that the sandbox data matched production data and provided ongoing support to enable fast and efficient integration. What made HyperAspect stand out from competing providers was the simplicity of the API and the high quality of data provided. That combination allowed our client to gain rich financial crime insights.


Partnering with Hyperaspect allowed our clients to confidently meet compliance watchlist requirements. API solution has allowed our clients to receive higher-quality financial crime insights and to easily configure the risk level and match status of their entities, associated UBO’s, directors and shareholders and furthermore their customers, as well as adjust fuzziness level for the searches, all relative to their risk-based approach. Client feedback has shown that these richer insights and customisable parameters have helped reduce false positives significantly. HyperAspect ensures a constant feedback loop with clients to improve match rates and ensure their compliance solutions serve their community with the best performance possible.

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