Proactively Identify Violations of
Intellectual Property


The success of many companies is usually highly dependent on the technologies that they develop.
However, absent appropriate patent protection, the developed technologies are vulnerable to being hijacked by competitors. Unfortunately, technology companies struggle to create and implement an efficient and cost-effective patent strategy to provide sufficient protection.


Our solution solves a number of key IP problems that law firms and companies have struggled with:

1) Identifies the most relevant patents (including a separate list of secondary references), i.e., the patents with claims that are either infringed or the closest to being infringed
2) Identifies the claims of patents that are either infringed or closest to being infringed
3) Creates a clearance analysis for the claims
4) Articulates/summarizes the analysis for each affected patent


Law firm attorneys do not need to perform tedious research and analysis steps from scratch, and instead only need to check/supplement the results, thus increasing productivity several times. Also, the ultimate work product is better because the attorney can focus on getting the analysis up to the next level, instead of creating it from scratch.

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