Marketing AI Transformation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing

Marketing teams and marketing technology firms consider finding and cultivating valuable customers as the key to building a profitable business. Leading companies know that personalized customer experiences and streamlined operations are vital to their success. This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) in marketing can make the difference – by enabling personalization, next best actions, marketing optimizations, and customer loyalty. Stop throwing money away with traditional marketing campaigns – trust HyperAspect to be your accelerator in your AI-powered marketing endeavors!  

Stimulate your marketing efforts

Traditional methods of attracting clients do not work any longer and marketing campaigns need to be more complex and innovative to gain success. Customers expect the personal touch way more than they did a couple of years ago. If you feel like you are losing your client base – AI is the key to keep your existing customers and attract new ones.


It is no coincidence that AI is heavily used in the marketing industry. Companies that are making extensive use of AI are reaping the benefits of increased customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving operations. Embrace AI for an automated marketing push.

HyperAspect Cloud Engineering

Our approach is to be open, transparent, and push the bleeding edge. HyperAspect’s vision is to democratize AI for everyone. Not just a select few. HyperAspect Cloud is our AI platform that enables exceptional decision-making in your company. We want everyone to explore, learn, dream, and imagine a new future.

Attract new customers with Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Marketing

The marketing industry has been transformed by AI and there is no turning back. Nowadays you have to proactively approach both new and current customers and furthermore – approach them with the information and products they truly need. This can be achieved only via marketing AI strategies and at HyperAspect we know what you need. Take advantage of our comprehensive AI framework, methodologies, and tooling, and turn your unsuccessful marketing efforts into profit.

Don't be satisfied with just the initial purchase. Leverage AI to offer related products of interest to each client and provide them the full package.
Better Promotions
Gather and analyze customer-related data faster and provide the right promotions to concrete groups of potential and current customers.
Next Best Customer
With the help of AI, you can recognize the best customers among all potential clients. Advance the relationship towards the right public and increase sales with minimal effort.
Ad Placement
Stop pouring money into publishing ads on a trial and error basis. Trust AI to take the right decisions when it comes to ad placement and increase your ROI.
Smart Segmentation
Create complex personas that go beyond demographic and location segmentation. AI-powered segmentation will uncover hidden patterns and trends that are impossible with manual work.
Funnel Predictions
The sales funnel process doesn't have to be so time-consuming - build AI models and deploy them in a matter of days, allowing you to shorten the sales cycle, see early warnings of sales problems and improve forecasting.

Customer conversion is easy with the help of AI

Are you wondering why your common marketing approaches don’t have the same success as before? Do not worry, you are not doing something wrong personally – the industry itself has changed tremendously. AI and machine learning are more available than ever and have settled as the main tools in the modern marketing world. 

AI-powered marketing solutions ensure superior results and an ROI that you never imagined – and at HyperAspect we know how you can accomplish that. Go through some of our successful case studies and learn how we can help you today. 

Unifying Marketing Channels in a Retail Environment

Appropriate upselling is a common problem according to many retail businesses. For our client, we created a unified system that served both online and offline customers. We added a loyalty program, referral system, post-purchase rewards, integrated email marketing, upselling and cross-selling, and besides the huge annual increase in sales revenue of $2.4 million, our client experienced an eight-point increase in guests’ overall satisfaction.

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Personalizing PDP Experience to 6X ROI for online retailer

A client was searching for a solution to quickly surface the right products for individual users, reduce development cycles and rapidly implement website changes. Using the HyperAspect platform, we focused on optimizing PDPs across eight markets in Europe, using the highest performing strategy in each market. Some of the aftermaths of our work include 6 times better ROI from PDP recommendations, a 17% increase in customer return rate with the first 3 months, and a stable increase in both average order value and customer satisfaction.

Customizing Shopping Experience for Specific Audience Segments to Increase RPR

In the highly competitive eCommerce space, investing in innovative ways to hold the attention of shoppers all the way through to purchase is a challenge. As a solution, our team made our clients’ category pages more robust, and began using them to list sub-categories. We were able to automate which content gets served to each audience segment via recommendation widgets. After working with HyperApect, our customer enjoyed a 25.7% click-through rate (CTR), 6% increase in revenue per user (RPR) and a $2 million boost in incremental revenue.

AI Marketing Will Save You Time And Money

Many marketers are not yet familiar with how AI and machine learning work. These are indeed innovative technologies that represent the future but, there is a common misconception – you don’t need a team of IT specialists to implement AI into your marketing methodologies. Getting actionable insights is easy with HyperAspect. Convert customers faster and with less investment. 

Enrich your marketing efforts with AI today! 

Contemporary Marketing Equals AI

The world we live in has changed tremendously over the last year. Customer expectations increase and every marketer has to be aware of their preferences. By turning the ever-increasing volumes of data into cutting-edge insights and predictions, marketing companies are able to tackle these constantly changing tendencies and still impress potential customers in a cost-saving manner. AI will allow you to execute flawless marketing programs that your potential clients will not leave behind.

Personalization is vital to winning new customers nowadays. Turn all the customer-related data that you gather into UX personas and deliver the content and products that each specific group expects. 

Deliver the most relevant user experience to each of your clients by studying their shopping habits. Whether it is upselling or downselling, always offer the right product, thanks to machine learning. 

Stop spending money on old marketing approaches just with the hope that they will work. Create campaigns that are accurately targeted to the right people so you have a far better chance of sales. 

The Analytical Next Best Offer approach will help you to determine whether customers are likely to buy another product or might feel that they are facing an excessively aggressive marketing approach. 

Artificial intelligence is a complicated concept. At HyperAspect we will not only help you to create an efficient model, but will provide you with a better grasp on how it works, so you can use it on your own, when the time comes.

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