Customizing Shopping Experience for Specific Audience Segments to Increase RPR


In the highly competitive eCommerce space, investing in innovative ways to capture and hold the attention of busy shoppers all the way through to purchase can be a challenge. Our client is a leading retail group in Australia – a home to five sub-brands and 160+ brick-mortar shops. As the client looked to meet the ever-increasing demands of consumers, it realized the need to tweak its eCommerce strategy and embrace a more customer-centric approach.

The company was determined to improve product discovery and connect customers to the right items. In order to successfully do so, it required support from a solution that would allow them to:
● Build robust category pages to surface relevant products in various sub-categories.
● Tailor homepage promotions for different audience segments in real-time


For our client rectifying issues with product discovery was a top priority. Category pages were doing little to surface relevant products per shopper, with large content modules displaying available deals, but not much else. As a result, frustrated visitors were navigating away from the site, leading to high exit rates, while many others resorted to the search bar for finding what they were looking for – a less than optimal experience.

To make it easier for shoppers to browse products directly from the category page, our team made these pages more robust, and began using them to list sub-categories. Each of these sub-category sections included their own content modules and recommendation widgets, with products served according to the user’s expressed affinities. The order of the listed sub-categories was also based on the user’s displayed affinities.

HyperApect was able to automate which content gets served to each audience segment, such as hiking enthusiasts. A variation feed acts as an external database, housing creative assets with defined properties (i.e. images, text color). This feed is updated daily with new and refreshed content, helpful in situations where many variations need to be consistently adjusted
or swapped out, such us during a homepage banner test.


After working with HyperApect across its brand portfolio, our customer enjoyed the following
● 25.7% click-through rate (CTR)
● 6% increase in revenue per user (RPR)
● $2 million increase in incremental revenue

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