Personalizing PDP Experience to 6X ROI for online retailer


Our customer is an online and offline retailer reselling various cosmetic brands worldwide. By focusing on always doing the right thing for the customer, our client has amassed millions of passionate customers who consistently turn to the retailer to look their best. It became a true personalization leader, helping every shopper feel welcome and find exactly the right product for their needs.

The cosmetics retailer required a solution to:
● Quickly surface the right products for each individual user
● Break free of long development cycles and rapidly implement website changes
● Optimize the checkout flow for seamless conversion


To help users seamlessly find the most relevant products, our client focused on optimizing PDPs across eight markets in Europe. In each country, users were shown recommendations
based on three distinct strategies: similar items, bought together and automatic.

Since the most successful recommendation approach varied by market and KPI, we crunched the data and deployed the highest performing strategy in each market, based on users adding
items to cart and completing a purchase.

HyperAspect also helped with page personalizations using targeted banners highlighting popular information such as gift cards, popular items and rewards membership info. It drove more click throughs to product and loyalty pages and ultimately, higher engagement from users exposed to this experience.


With the help of HyperAspect, our online retailer client was able to achieve the following results:

● 6X ROI from PDP recommendations
● 17% increase in customer return rate within first 3 months
● Increase in average order value
● Overall increase in customer satisfaction (based on conducted after-purchase feedback

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