Unifying Marketing Channels in a Retail Environment


Our client from the hospitality industry came to us with the objective of improving the upsell revenues and overall customer satisfaction scores at 14 retail places located at 5-star and 4-star resorts in Texas. Appropriate upselling is a really common problem according to many front-line client’s associates that we interviewed. The push to always sell more and more can actually be detrimental to the goal of increasing profits, as a hard sell is often a turnoff to hesitant customers.

However, after assessing the business, we identified that our client doesn’t have a proper marketing system that would unify both online and offline selling channels. Our unified marketing solution that includes an upsell system, would be more appropriate for the customer’s goals.


HyperAspect aimed to improve first impressions, foster relationships and create loyal brand advocates that drive our customer’s revenue. To support these goals, we created a unified system that served both online and offline customers.

As a part of the system, we included a customer loyalty program, referral system, post-purchase rewards, integrated email marketing, upselling and cross-selling, credit system, and more.


All too often, businesses choose not to invest in solid marketing systems as they consider it being expensive and with too little ROI. But when it is done right – with buy-in from the top down and consistent reinforcement of concepts – the ROI can not only be measurable, but invaluable in many aspects of your businesses.

As a result of our work with the client, they not only earned a $2.4 million annualized increase in
the sales revenue, but also an eight-point increase in guests’ overall satisfaction.

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